Bistro à Champlain

Laurentides, Qc


On June 17 2015, the Bistro à Champlain proudly moved to Estérel Resort. A transition that took months to prepare in order to receive the precious wine bottles collected by Champlain Charest the last years. Estérel Resort is proud to announce its acquisition of one of Quebec’s treasures: the wine collection from the Bistro à Champlain, which contains more than 5000 bottles. Estérel Resort is honored to be carrying on the legacy of this iconic winery of more than 5000 bottles. Today, the new wine cellar that we have built contains more than 25,000 bottles and 3,500 references.

But the Bistro à Champlain is also a restaurant that offers gastronomic experiences that live up to the reputation of its wine cellar. Discover a new formula where the emphasis is on tasteful discoveries, with high-quality food and the creative inspiration of our chefs!


Important: Access to our services and restaurants is exclusive to our guests during their stay.

Tasting menu

Our executive chef Cédric St-Pierre and chef Clément Hamy are proud to present a new gastronomic formula based on discovery, without an à la carte menu. You will experience varied and colorful dishes, prepared under the inspiration of our chefs and their brigade. The food will be carefully chosen according to the seasons, and the different services will be the proof of an extraordinary visual and gustatory narration.


Our tasting menu has been created based on the chef’s inspiration to bring a particular and unique gastronomic touch. We would like to inform our guests that the menu is never fixed and can change at any time, therefore  we cannot accommodate special dietary needs or allergies at the last minute.

Our team of expert sommeliers will also be at your service to help you choose the products that will best punctuate your adventure.

Business hours

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Bistro à Champlain will be open 4 nights a week starting May 18th and for the summer season: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Seats are limited and reservations are mandatory.

The Executive Chef

Cédric St-Pierre

The proud graduate of the ITHQ, Cédric St-Pierre cut his teeth in various countries, including Italy, France and Japan, and notably evolved under the aegis of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Jérôme Nutile, and its double Michelin starred restaurant. Back in Quebec, after a stint at Le Mirage golf course and Europea, he forged his experience as a sous-chef in the largest private club in Montreal. He was also a semi-finalist on the very popular “Les chefs ! ”.

Now Head Chef at Estérel Resort—under the supervision of executive chef Jean-François Bélair—he coordinates the colourful culinary adventures offered by our three restaurants, including the exceptional ephemeral tasting menus of the Bistro à Champlain and his renowned wine events.

“It is with the greatest of pleasures that I welcome you to the Bistro à Champlain. You will experience a surprising tasting menu that changes with the seasons and harvests, all in an environment resolutely connected to nature. It is with great joy that I will introduce you to a local and thoughtful cuisine. Bon appétit ! ”

The Head Chef

Clément Hamy

Clement’s passion showed at a young age, he was only 15 when he enrolled at the professional traditional institute «Lycée hôtelier Saint-Pierre de Calais» where he learned French Cuisine’s basic techniques.

He had the honor to work in a number of gastronomic establishments, more particularly under Marc Meurin  at «Château de Beaulieu», a double Michelin starred restaurant located in Busnes, northern France.

After leaving France in 2017, he joined our team in November 2020 as a First Cook . He worked his way up and is now Head Chef. His sustainable and ethical approach will contribute to support local producers by elevating seasonal, local fresh produce to their best expression.