Bistro à Champlain

Laurentides, Qc

Carte Blanche Menu

Our chefs have free rein ! With no pre-set menu, the Carte Blanche concept offers you a 5-course gourmet meal based on the chefs’ inspiration. You will discover the culinary creations that will be served to you at the moment. Let our chefs guide you on a culinary adventure where you will be surprised by the expression of their creativity with every bite!

5 courses gatronomic dinner : $139 / person

Add wine pairings to your dinner : $110 / person

Bon appétit !


Open Friday and Saturday 

Seats are limited and reservations are mandatory.

ALLERGIES : It is important to note that our menu is subject to changes as it is designed specifically based on the chef’s inspiration. In order to better cater to your dietary needs, please inform us of any allergies or restrictions when making your reservation, at least 7 days prior to your visit. We may not be able to accommodate them on-site at the last minute. For greater flexibility, we recommend trying our other restaurant, Le Voilier.

Served by our sommeliers

wine pairing

With one of the most renowned wine cellars in Quebec, your culinary experience will be enhanced by the presence of our sommeliers who excel in creating unparalleled food and wine pairings. Rare, collectible, or privately imported wines will be offered to accompany each dish. Adding food and wine pairings to your meal: $110 per person.

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Bistro à Champlain

A history that lives on

On June 17, 2015, the renowned Bistro à Champlain embarked on its grand journey to find its new home at Estérel Resort. This journey was meticulously planned to accommodate the carefully curated bottles collected over the years by the great collector, Champlain Charest. Estérel Resort is immensely proud to carry on Mr. Charest’s legacy by preserving his prestigious collection in Quebec.

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At the wine cellar

Apéro hour

Before your meal, whether you want to enjoy an “apéritif” or unwind with a digestif afterward, we invite you to explore our wine cellar for wine and spirit tastings. Our dedicated sommeliers are eager to introduce you to unique and high-quality selections. Furthermore, the Estérel Resort wine cellar provides a stunning view right on the shores of Lake Dupuis. Be sure to make a reservation so you don’t miss out on this exceptional experience.

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Meet our chef



The Executive Chef

Cédric St-Pierre

The proud graduate of the ITHQ, Cédric St-Pierre cut his teeth in various countries, including Italy, France and Japan, and notably evolved under the aegis of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Jérôme Nutile, and its double Michelin starred restaurant. Back in Quebec, after a stint at Le Mirage golf course and Europea, he forged his experience as a sous-chef in the largest private club in Montreal. He was also a semi-finalist on the very popular “Les chefs ! ”.

Now Executive Chef at Estérel Resort, he coordinates the colorful culinary adventures offered by our three restaurants, including the exceptional ephemeral tasting menus at Bistro à Champlain and the very select wine evenings.

“It is with the greatest of pleasures that I welcome you to the Bistro à Champlain. You will experience a surprising tasting menu that changes with the seasons and harvests, all in an environment resolutely connected to nature. It is with great joy that I will introduce you to a local and thoughtful cuisine. Bon appétit ! ”