Charging stations


Welcome to electric vehicle!

In an endeavor to contribute to sustainable development and to offer our clientele the most modern service, Esterel Resort has seven charging stations at your disposal.

Upon arrival, you can leave your vehicle with our team of professional valets. Charging stations are available for electric or hybrid cars. To benefit from these services, please mention it to our valet team when you arrive. Our charging stations are not self-service, valet assistance is required at all times.

  • Full valet service (includes approach and charging service during the entire stay): $ 30 taxes not included .
  • Valet service for recharging: 1st hour offered and the following hours are $ 5 per hour taxes not included.


Don’t forget to bring a 2nd key that must be given to our team for the duration of the stay.

Estérel Resort

7 charging stations available

4 X charging stations Tesla charging stations (240 volts – until 56 amps / 13.4 KW)
Charging stations « Power Sharing », when two vehicles are connected, the load is divided into 2 x 23 amps

1 X charging stations at 7,2KW

1 X  EV Clipper Creek charging stations at 7,2KW

1 X EV CE-90 charging stations at 70 amps

Porsche Charging stations

Esterel Resort is proud to present its 2 new Porsche charging stations and to be part of the fast and convenient Porsche electric vehicle charging network.

The Porsche charging stations offer a charging power of 22 kW.  Our charging stations have been integrated into the Porsche Charging Service. A simple, fast and convenient solution at any time.

Please note:
Porsche charging stations only charge European cars. The charging stations do not charge hybrid vehicles. 3 VIP places for Porsche cars have also been installed to better accommodate you.