Collaboration request


Collaboration requests

Estérel Resort frequently collaborates with Web personalities and public figures for advertising and influencing campaigns.

Are you in the world of influence, blogging or vlogue, are you a public figure or do you work in the media and would like to collaborate with Estérel Resort? We invite you to read the selection criteria listed below and complete the following collaboration request form.

*** Please note that most exchanges are made in the form of Estérel Resort products and services.

Selection criteria

We mainly work with people or organizations that address specific topics:
Travel and hotels;
Activities related to wines & spirits;
Sport and the outdoors;
Professional photography;
Well-being and beauty treatments.

We favor requests from:
Our clients;
Public figures;
Well-established web personalities;
Personalities whose activities align with our values.

Estérel Resort believes that all media and artistic initiatives have their raison d’être. However, for image reasons, we have agreed that we are NOT COLLABORATING:
Projects representing the abuse of alcohol and drugs;
Projects linked to political parties;
Projects related to a hypersexualized image;
Projects which do not more generally match the values ​​and media image of Estérel Resort;
Projects related to employee events.

The project should help increase the visibility and notoriety of Estérel Resort. This must be maximized using various communication tools and be represented on as many platforms as possible. Also, the approach must be professional: a written language free of mistakes and a polished photograph. Please send a media kit with your request. Note that Estérel Resort must authorize any promotional material that will use images or company logos.

Deadline and collaboration
Requests will be processed on the first Friday of each month;
You must allow a maximum of 30 days before receiving a response;
Estérel Resort will only respond to projects that match its activities;
Due to the high number of requests we receive, please note that we will only communicate with those selected for possible collaborations;
Also, given the large number of guests and high overall occupation, it is not always possible for Estérel Resort to receive you for a collaboration;
Estérel Resort will keep your contact details and may contact you at a later time.