Sponsorship request


Sponsorship request

Estérel Resort is committed to the community and is proud to get involved, year after year, in several social causes by offering sponsorships.

Before submitting any application, please read the selection criteria. Please note that applications not meeting these criteria will not be considered.

***The sponsorships consist exclusively of Estérel Resort products and services.

Selection criteria

We sponsor non-profit organizations in the following fields:
Sustainable development.

We favour requests from:
Our clients;
Our suppliers;
Our employees and their family.

Estérel Resort believes that all causes and projects have their legitimate reason for being. However, we have agreed to NOT SPONSOR:
Projects involving a single individual;
Projects involving a political party;
Projects inconsistent with Estérel Resort’s values;
Staff events.

The project or event must contribute to increasing the visibility and reputation of Estérel Resort. Visibility should be maximized using various communication tools, such as advertising and media coverage. Please send us the entire sponsorship plan. Estérel Resort must authorize any promotional material including images or the logo of the company.

Requests will be processed every last Friday of each month. You must allow a period of 30 days before receiving an answer. Please wait after this time period to send a follow up email. Please note that due to a very high volume of requests, we will only communicate with requests that we accept.

Put your project forward!

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