Taste & Savour


Taste & Savour at Estérel Resort

At Estérel Resort, gastronomy and fine cuisine are always in the spotlight. Choose with your team an original and delicious way to tighten your teamwork with cooking workshops and the discovery of tasty treasures.

For information, or to reserve your activity, don’t hesitate to contact Valérie Laviolette, corporate activities manager: vlaviolette@esterel.com or 1 888 378 3755 extension 6024

Atelier culinaire chocolaté

Have a sweet team building experience, one that is both analytical and interactive, with chocolate makers Trucs et Truffes. Designed to develop communication by creating the highest chocolate structure possible, this workshop will teach you about teamwork…and chocolate!

Led by psychologist, guidance councillor, and chocolate maker Danièle Lefebvre, you will leave with a head full of ideas, and a belly full of chocolate.

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Wine Discovery Workshops

France VS the New World

Compare 4 wines from France with 4 wines from the New World. 1 white wine, 3 reds.

Discover Scotland

Sample 3 varieties of Scotch from three different regions of Scotland. Like wine, each Scotch has its own taste and aroma.

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Tour the Wine Cellar and Indulge in a Tasting

Discover our new wine cellar, built especially to store the 5000 bottles acquired from Champlain Charest’s renowned collection. Our cellar contains 8500 bottles, 1800 of which are appellation wines.

Everyday from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

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