Corporate activities


Corporate activities at Estérel Resort

Nestled in the heart of the Laurentians, surrounded by 3 navigable lakes, a golf course, and beautiful forests, Estérel Resort is a veritable playground… 365 days a year.

Summer or Winter, your team will find a wide variety of activities to choose from: athletic games, fun in the water, and fine dining experiences. We have partners in multiple expertise that can help your team to move, savour or relax.

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Get a move on!

Non-Motorized Watercrafts

Rent a kayak for one, a kayak for two, a canoe, a paddleboard, or a paddleboat, and enjoy the pristine nature of our waterfront location.

Included with your corporate package


Rent one of our multi-terrain bikes and explore Estérel’s 15 km of trails.


See Estérel’s trails after the sun has set, and light the way with headlamps. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a day of meetings.

Cross-country skiing & Snowshoeing

For those who enjoy snowshoeing, we invite you to experience more than 16 km of trails through forests and over lakes. If you would rather go cross-country skiing, we have 35 km of trails for every skill level, and three relay courses.


Reserve our volleyball court and play a game with your team.

Giant volleyball

Yes, you read correctly! Here at Estérel, we play volleyball even in the winter. Reserve your volleyball court and play a game using a Kinball. Choose your teams, and let the friendly games begin!


Practice your golf technique, or play a friendly match with your colleagues on the 18-hole course that is just steps from the hotel.

Dragon boat

Initiate your colleagues to the fun of Dragon Boats with one of these team building workshops from our partner H2O. It’s a great way of enhancing cooperation, health, and team spirit.

Team Building Workshops with Organijeu

With games organised by one of our partner, you can enhance collective values by working towards common objectives. With more than 15 different programs, our partner has lots of fun, safe, and dynamic activities to choose from. Activities are adapted for each group.

Hockey & Broomball

Have a fun and friendly game of hockey or broomball on ice. Play hockey or broomball on skates or in your boots. Length: 1h

Outdoor Workshop with Carl le Trappeur

Meet the charming Carl, a professional trapper. Learn how he works in tandem with nature, discover the woods, and help him install traps.

Package A: Conference, wild meat tasting, maple syrup whisky (2h)

Package B: Hike, wild meat tasting, maple syrup whisky (2h)

Package C: Hike, Dream Catcher workshop, wild meat tasting, maple syrup whisky (3h)


Go above and beyond while building team spirit! We organise an activity that is customised to meet your needs.  If needed, we can also organise a meal and transportation.

34 km from hotel

Horseback Riding Workshop

Learn to ride a horse in just 20 minutes while also strengthening relationships with your colleagues. This workshop is the only one of its kind in North America.

Less than 1 km from hotel


A variety of different yoga options (duration and styles) can be added to your day.  It’s a great way to relax the team!


Have you always wanted to try snowmobiling? With Aventures Plein Air you can have a memorable adventure on the Trans-Quebec Trail. Enjoy your ride with, or without, a guide.

Rental without guide Rental with guide
2 h : $149 1 h : $119 Passenger : $49
4 h : $199 2 h : $179
8 h : $289 3 h : $229
24 h : $339 4 h : $269

Passenger : $49 5 h : $299 * Passenger 5 h et 8 h : $69 *
Not including oil and fuel 8 h : $409 *

Dog sledding

Does dog sledding intrigue you? How about driving your own sled, led by a guide? A singular experience, meandering through trails groomed especially for dog sledding by Aventures Plein Air. Surprises and beautiful vistas await you. Combine this activity with snowmobiling to prolong the fun.
Situated in Saint-Hippolyte (20 minutes from the hotel) Length: 1h


The fatbike allows you to cross terrain with rough conditions thanks to the great control of its oversized tires. It also allows you to ride on snowy trails! An experience offered to you by our partner Expresso Sports. Situated in Saint-Adèle (20 minutes from the hotel) Mini. 5 participants- max. 12 participants


Tasting activities

Chocolated culinary workshop

Have a sweet team building experience, one that is both analytical and interactive, with chocolate makers Trucs et Truffes. Designed to develop communication by creating the highest chocolate structure possible, this workshop will teach you about teamwork…and chocolate!

Led by psychologist, guidance councillor, and chocolate maker Danièle Lefebvre, you will leave with a head full of ideas, and a belly full of chocolate.

Wine Discovery Workshops

France VS the New World

Compare 4 wines from France with 4 wines from the New World. 1 white wine, 3 reds.

Discover Scotland

Sample 3 varieties of Scotch from three different regions of Scotland. Like wine, each Scotch has its own taste and aroma.

Tour the Wine Cellar and Indulge in a Tasting

Discover our new wine cellar, built especially to store the 5000 bottles acquired from Champlain Charest’s renowned collection. Our cellar contains 8500 bottles, 1800 of which are appellation wines.

Everyday from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm


Relaxing activities


Hop onto one of our 8 pontoons, and let us take you for a cruise. We will navigate over 355 hectares, and discover the Dupuis, Masson, and du Nord lakes.

8-10 pers. 13 pers.
1 h 30 $ 249 $ 269
3 h $ 399 $ 429
8 h $ 599 $ 629


Spa, Beauty Treatments, and Massages

Discover a world of relaxation and well-being at our Amerispa health and beauty center.


End your evening making delicious S’mores around a cozy campfire. You can also add the sounds of a singer/songwriter, and/or have cocktails by the fire.

Artistic Workshop

Stimulate your team’s energy by bringing some colour to the office with our partner Charlem Lepeintre! Create a collective painting or mural, or plan an artistic workshop especially designed for your team.

Horse-drawn sleigh

Discover the pleasure of a sleigh ride with your group. Snuggle up in cozy blankets, and warm yourself with a nip of Caribou during this hour-long ride around the lake. One sleigh can accommodate up to 25 people.